Fairisle Junior School


Peter Howard

Fairisle Junior School is an exciting place to learn with enthusiastic and dedicated children and staff.  Each and every child that attends the school is very important to all of us, whatever his or her background, academic ability or culture.  Our school is most concerned to get the best from every pupil and to make their time at the school happy and fulfilled, so that later in life they will look back at their schooldays at Fairisle Junior School with the most pleasant of memories.

One of the maxims of our school is that our children have the best of everything.  They know it and it runs through every aspect of what we do.

We have become well known throughout the city for our sporting and musical abilities, and we excel when we participate in both these areas.  We pride ourselves in our holistic approach to primary education and the opportunities we offer, as well as our children’s high academic standards.

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