Inspiring Leadership

14 Jun 2015 Back to School Improvement

Inspiring Leadership

A number of heads and leaders from our federation attended the Inspiring Leadership conference in Birmingham in June.

This is a conference organised by school leaders for school leaders and always attracts leading experts and thinkers on the subject of educational leadership.

This year, Sir Ken Robinson reminded us of the importance of creativity in education, against the background of SATs, Ofsted etc.

We also heard Alastair Campbell on his new book, Winners, and Ben Page from IPSOS, the pollsters, who used the public opinion data to remind us of our context as public servants in modern Britain.

Pak Tee Ng talked about the central control of teacher and headship training in Singapore and how that has delivered benefits for that country.

The conference is a time for us to work together as leaders in the federation, step back and celebrate the work we are doing, and to look towards the future as we innovate to make our schools even better.